Vacant Property Services

Here at Pro Shield Security we are very proud at what services we can offer our clients and our vacant property service is just one of them. If you require vacant property services then look no further than us. We provide vacant property services for commercial and residential properties that are vacant, empty or void. With our vacant property service your property will be protected 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can be rest assured that we will make sure your vacant property is effectively secured.

We offer a wide range of security solutions including physical security as well as monitored alarms, which will both effectively ensure that your vacant property is safe and secure. Here at pro Shield Security we will take all the worry out of your hands. We are here to protect your property 24 hours a day and we will do everything we can to ensure your vacant property is safe.

Vacant properties are an easy target for squatters, thieves and vandals. This is why it’s so important to have security measures put in place. If your property has no security at all then you could be facing damage to your property, which will result in large sums of money. We at Pro Shield Security will protect you and your vacant property from these unwanted disruptions. We can provide security for all different types of buildings including listed buildings.

Pro Shield Security can offer you man power services, which includes, security officers that can be based at your vacant property. We also offer random or scheduled mobile patrols. This service is a visual deterrent and will greatly reduce the risk of criminal actions or behaviour. Our vacant property security officers are professionals and are highly skilled to ensure your property is safe and secure. We can visit your property monthly, weekly or daily, the choice really comes down to your requirements. Our security officers will carry out a thorough check of your vacant property and will look out for any open doors, windows or signs of vandalism. They will also look out for people who shouldn’t be within the location of your property.

Our officers will complete a check list which will then be sent to the client. This report will include photographic evidence that the property is secure. These reports are electronically verified.

Here at Pro Shield Security we have all the latest technology including motion detection systems, flood alarms, temperature alarms, intruder alarms and temporary wireless CCTV. These systems are the perfect options for listed or residential properties as they cause minimal disruption to the look of the property. They are a good choice for a short term solution, while your property is vacant.

As you can see, we at Pro Shield Security have everything covered when it comes to keeping your empty property well protected. If you require vacant property services then we are here to help you. Our security officers are fully trained and are highly skilled. We have the very latest technology that will help us to keep a close eye on your property whatever time of the day or night, so you can be rest assured that your empty property is in the safest of hands.

So, for all your vacant property requirements get in touch with us here at Pro Shield Security. We have all the manpower and electronic devices available to ensure your vacant property is safe and sound.

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