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If you require security guard services then take a look at what we at Pro Shield Security can offer you. If you worry about theft or damage to your property then our security guards could be the solution you require. We at Pro Shield Security have all the man power that’s required to keep you, your assets, your customers and your property well protected. Our security guards are highly skilled and have been trained to the highest of standards, so they meet with current governing body regulations.

Our trained security guards have the experience and skills that are required to ensure your safety and the safety of others. They will act promptly if any security issues arise. They will handle the entire situation in a professional manner while keeping disruption to a minimum. Security guards also act as a deterrent to help reduce any potential threats to you, your property or other people.

Our security guards here at Pro Shield Security have been selected because of their wealth of experience, training and their skills. They have had to carry out specific and strategic training which has enabled them to get where they are today and to be the professionals that they are. They are able to cope with any situation that may arise, so you can be rest assured you are dealing with professionals in their field. Our security guards are all SIA licensed and have been screened in compliance with the SITO.

Our security guards are available if you need protection for your retail or distribution centres as well as sports events, crowd gatherings, concerts, gigs, festivals etc. Our main purpose here at Pro Shield Security is to ensure your safety and the safety of others as well as your property. We will provide every client with the highest level of security to ensure their safety.

Security guard services include:

  • Carrying out mobile security patrols.
  • Leisure security
  • Door Supervisors
  • Alarm response
  • Gatehouse duties and also vehicle control.
  • Retail security services
  • Construction security
  • Event security
  • Checking of vehicles and also vehicle loading.
  • Carrying out stock audits.
  • Industrial security
  • Fire fighting and first aid services.
  • Corporate security
  • Carrying out security sealing procedures.
  • Public sector security
  • Monitoring property as a lone worker.

By having a security guard at your site you will have peace of mind and so too will your staff and customers. Having a highly visual security officer will greatly reduce the chances of any criminal behaviour and offer visitors a sense of reassurance. They act as a deterrent and should any criminal activity take place they have all the training and experience that’s required to solve the issue quickly and safely, keeping disturbance to a low level.

On site security guards who routinely check your premises can alert you to potential dangers for instance they can spot a blocked drain or a burst water pipe that could cause flooding. They can also check your property over to make sure there’s no risk of a fire.

If your business doesn’t require an onsite security guard then we at Pro Shield Security can offer you mobile patrol services. We will routinely check your property either at random times or scheduled times. Our officers will visit your property and will check the whole perimeter of your property, making sure it’s safe and secure. We will then report back to you with the results of our patrols.

By being mobile our security officers will be fast to respond to any alarm call at your site and will be able to reduce any damage caused by vandals. They will also be able to prevent arsonists from starting fires at your property.

We at Pro Shield Security can take care of all your security requirements and if you need a security guard for your business, event, property etc then get in touch with us. Our security guards are professionals in their field and each have all the training that’s required to complete a job professionally and effectively. So, for all your security needs contact us here at Pro Shield Security. We will be more than happy to offer you our security services, so you can have complete peace of mind.

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