Mobile Patrols

Here at Pro Shield Security we offer our clients mobile patrol services. This is a highly effective service that protects your property, assets and sites. Mobile security patrols are a visible deterrent that will reduce the risk of criminal behaviour and actions. This service is a great option when manned guarding is not required.

We at Pro Shield Security will develop a site management programme which will include scheduled visits to the sites either on a random basis or systematic basis.

Mobile patrol services are a cost effective way at reducing crime by acting as a deterrent and is becoming extremely popular amongst clients wanting to protect their property, sites and assets.

Here at Pro Shield Security we can provide you with:

  • Security vehicles which are marked or unmarked.
  • For quick response we offer tight patrol zones.
  • Our monitoring centres are in close contact with visible patrol units.
  • We offer 24/7 service.
  • We offer log reports on our daily patrols.

Sometimes by having a static security guard or a permanent security guard your budget can soar but by having a mobile patrol service you can greatly cut costs. When you select the right mobile patrol service for your requirements you will save money while maximising on security and reducing the risk of crime all at the same time. If you have a budget that you have to stick to then mobile patrol services are a great option.

At Pro Shield Security our licensed and experienced security officers will visit your site or premises in full uniform at the times you have selected, that suit your needs. Our patrol officers and vehicles, will together, act as a visible deterrent, reducing the chances of any criminal activity on your sites or premises.

At Pro Shield Security we can record the data with our data point tagging. This means that every visit we make to your premises or sites can be logged so you have proof that we have been carrying out the job effectively. These points can be located anywhere around your property. Vulnerable areas around your property are recommended for point locations, for extra security. This also ensures that your whole property is patrolled by a foot patrolling officer.

Here at Pro Shield Security we take great pride in the services we can offer our clients. This is why we make sure each of our officers are highly trained and are highly skilled to carry out a job effectively.  They are each fully licensed and are each up to date with governing body regulations. This ensures that you are getting the very best service that’s available.

As well as mobile patrol officers acting as a visible deterrent they can also check your premises for any open doors or windows. They will look for any signs of vandalism or intrusion and also look out for anyone who shouldn’t be in the location.

If you’re looking for a mobile patrol service then look no further than Pro Shield Security. We have dedicated officers who are fully trained and licensed who are here to protect your premises. Mobile patrol is cost effective, reduces criminal damage and acts as a visible deterrent and is the best way to protect your premises when a manned security officer isn’t required. So, for mobile patrol get in touch with us here at Pro Shield Security. We are here to protect your premises, whatever time of day or night.

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