Manned Guarding Services

At Pro Shield Security we are able to offer our clients manned guarding services. This guarding service enables us to offer you protection when it comes to your business, site, or property. We provide manned guarding services for public, private, retail, construction, and also corporate sectors. We can offer you concierge staff or manned guarding. Here at Pro Shied Security each and every one of our security personnel are checked and screened to ensure they meet with current legislative standards. They are fully trained and are highly professional with the experience that’s necessary for this highly skilled role.

We at Pro Shield Security will first carry out a preliminary assessment and then we will liaise with the relevant bodies for instance site management or venue management to ensure you’re getting the best security services that are required to successfully carry out the job. Our security guards here at Pro Shield Security are fully trained for the role and will be very well presented. We at Pro Shield Security pride ourselves on the services we can offer our clients .We will offer you excellent customer service that’s tailored to meet with your requirements.

We can also provide you with vehicle patrols, whether for a business park or unoccupied sites. The greatest benefit about vehicle patrols is that they offer a visual deterrent and will reduce the chances of criminal activity or criminal behaviour. They also greatly benefit staff and the general public by enabling us to get into areas quickly and we can also assist with the emergency services, if it’s required.

Mobile patrols can also alert the emergency services to different types of dangers including fires, floods and any other types of incidents. We at Pro Shield Security can provide you with 24hr patrol vehicles and can carry out external and internal patrols on a regular basis or whenever you need us to.

Our manned guards are fully trained and are highly professional. They will be dressed suitably and are equipped with radios and mobile phones which will ensure the safety of your assets, the general public and also staff. Our manned guards also have excellent communication skills which will ensure they can communicate well with authoritative personnel. This also ensures they can give detailed written accounts if and when they are required to do so.

At Pro Shield Security our sole objective is to protect people, assets and property. We offer flexible manned guarding services that meet with your requirements whether long or short term.

If you require manned guarding services then Pro Shield Security are here to help you. We have dedicated team members who are highly skilled and professional. They have all the experience that’s needed to protect your property and assets. We are very proud of what we can offer our clients and our manned guarding services are just one of the great services we can offer.

So, if you need manned guarding services get in contact with us. We can meet whatever requirements you have, to ensure your property and assets are well protected and secure. At Pro Shield Security it’s our job to protect your property and that’s just what we intend to do.

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